Ancient Greek sound nuggets

Admittance Free
Location: Polychoros Aition (Πολυχῶρος Αἴτιον),
8-10 Tziraion str., Athens (metro station: Acropolis)
tel: 2130 256666
Time: November 8th, 2015, at: 17:00

(Please, be there at least 10′ before starting time)

How did ancient Greek language sound like, at the time the most important texts were written?

Languages evolve through time. After 2.500 years the Greek language, with all external influences and internal evolution, naturally sounded different than today.

After studying the ancient grammarians who have described it, members of the cultural & educational organisation MITOS, present the event “Ancient Greek sound nuggets”, wherein they recite fragments of ancient poets & writers, with the scientifically accepted pronunciation, in an —as much as possible— accurate way.

aition-2Ioannis Stratakis and Iphigeneia Speliotopoulos are reciting fragments and translations from works of Homer, Orpheus, Pindar, Hesiod, Sappho, Aristotle, Xenophon, Sophocles and Plato in the reconstructed ancient Greek pronunciation. The sound of ancient speech will be accompanied by Nikos Eleutheriou with the (modern) guitar. Scenic direction is done by Marianna Lampiri.

communication: and tel. 69758.84583 ms. I. Speliotopoulos